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2015-2016 Season Gala Results


2014-2015 Season Gala Results

2013-2014 Season Gala Results

2012-2013 Season Gala Results:



2011-2012 Season Gala Results:


2010-2011 Season Gala Results:

Overall League Points:
League Points 2010-2011 – BOYS, BY AGE GROUP
League Points 2010-2011 – BOYS, COMBINED
League Points 2010-2011 – GIRLS, BY AGE GROUP
League Points 2010-2011 – GIRLS, COMBINED












** Mid-Season Points Standings (Individual) – this file shows: Cumulative rankings and points scored per age group for swimmers who have participated in the league so far (this includes points scored in the Long Distance Gala as this also forms part of the league). Please note the results for the 8 & under age groups and 16 & over age groups are not yet correct due to computer ‘glitches’, which are being worked on.