Special Events

  • Penny Heyns Module 1 Clinic and Individual Coaching – September 2014
    Multiple Olympic medalist and former world-record holder Penny Heyns returned to Ndola and Solwezi in September where she ran two Module 1 group clinics and conducted individual coaching sessions.  Penny built on existing coaching relationships with several swimmers and also worked with new swimmers.  The Module 1 clinics were extremely well received, with swimmers, coaches and parents alike soaking up not only excellent stroke correction guidelines but also benefitting from Penny’s motivational talks and learning from her life experiences.  We look forward to repeat visits in future.  Each clinic participant was awarded a certificate of participation and had the opportunity to wear a selection of Penny’s Olympic medals in a photo with Penny (see the photos here and you are welcome to e mail us to request a particular image in higher resolution).


  • Penny Heyns Individual Coaching – March 2014
    Penny made her first trip to the Copperbelt to offer individual coaching.  She began her visit at Trident College, Solwezi before flying to Ndola where she coached 25 swimmers from Simba Seals and Lechwe Eels over the course of two and a half days.  All being well, Penny hopes to return early in September 2014 to offer a Module 1 group clinic plus more individual sessions.


  • Francois Boschoff Clinic – December 2012
    Coaches Muzeya Muzyamba and Kosamu Chibende plus 3 Simba Seals swimmers, attended a 5-day coaching clinic hosted at AIS Lusaka in December 2012.  This was an intensive clinic run by top SA coach Francois Boschoff, with lots of hours in the pool and excellent training and instruction for both coaches and swimmers.

    Francois Boschoff


  • Reversed Fun Gala – November 2012
    This was held as a Simba Seals Fund Raiser and proved to be a highly popular event.  12 adult teams competed in 3 heats, with Simba Seals swimmers officiating. In the very competitive finals, times ranged from 01:46:41 to 03:05:01.  Taking first place were “The Wild Ones”, followed by “Banana Cool Team”, “Yamaha Ring-Ting-Ting-Ting”, and The Rusted Bullets”.  A special word of thanks to Simba School for assisting the Club in hosting the Gala, Ox Drilling for the additional lights and flood lights, Zambian Breweries for the prize, Aqua Pure for the water, and all the Club Parents who got teams together. 

    Fun gala Fun gala 2

  • Simba Seals Discos and Movie Nights
    These were held during the 2012/13 season to raise funds for the club
  • Penny Heyns Clinic – October 2012
    15 Simba Seals swimmers, plus coaches Muzeya Muzyamba and Kosamu Chibende, attended a 3-day coaching clinic hosted at AIS Lusaka in October.  The clinic was run by Penny Heyns, renowned international breaststroke swimmer, who became the only woman in Olympic history to claim both the 100m and 200m gold medals at the1996 Atlanta Olympics, and who broke 14 world records during her career (at one time holding 5 out of the 6 breaststroke records!). The clinic was a memorable experience for all involved, and motivated everyone enormously.  See pics below.